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GPT-4, Flink vs. ksqlDB, and a kcat tip…

June 29, 2023

Greetings, developers! This week’s roundup of deep dives and hot takes includes an article on GPT-4 and streaming data, a Twitter thread on Apache Flink® vs. ksqlDB, and another great newsletter to subscribe to if you want to microdose Kafka knowledge. A note: as always, we appreciate community contributions to this newsletter! If you’ve got content you’d love to promote here, please let us know by emailing!

Apache Kafka® Resources:

  • Yes folks, we’re promoting another newsletter within our newsletter… it’s newsletter-ception. Stanislav Kozlovski, an Apache Kafka community member, has a new resource for you: 2 Minute Streaming. It introduces a new Kafka tidbit every week!
  • GPT-4 + Streaming Data: Confluent Principal Technologist, Michael Drogalis, illustrates the business potential of combining the power of LLMs with real-time data. He says, “Large language models have changed the relationship between data engineering and model creation.” How? Read on.
  • The Apache Kafka ecosystem is magnificent... and large. Luckily, the community maintains a list of ecosystem services for your convenience.

Apache Flink® Resources:

  • Weighing the pros and cons of Apache Flink® vs ksqlDB can be a complex process. Jeff Bean wrote a Twitter thread inspired by real-life questions he fielded at Kafka Summit London’s Ask The Experts table to help you out.
  • Why does Apache Flink need watermarks for event time processing? David Anderson provides a scholarly answer to this question on StackOverflow.
  • Where is Flink going in the future? Consult the official roadmap.

Terminal Tip of the Week:

Did you know that when you use kcat without a -p flag you'll consume from all available partitions?

❯ kcat -C -b mybroker -t topic_name
% Reached end of topic topic_name [0] at offset 8378
% Reached end of topic topic_name [2] at offset 7959
% Reached end of topic topic_name [3] at offset 7523
% Reached end of topic topic_name [5] at offset 9261
% Reached end of topic topic_name [4] at offset 9137

What if you wanted to only consume from one partition? The -p flag comes in handy:

❯ kcat -C -b mybroker -t topic_name -p 2
% Reached end of topic topic_name [2] at offset 7959

Links From Around the Web:

In Other News:

Apache Kafka 3.5 is now available!

By the way…

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