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May 4, 2023

May the 4th be with you! (Pardon us, we couldn’t resist a Star Wars joke there!) This week, we’ve got a brand new book on data mesh architecture, a new course for .NET developers, and a fun way to look at git internals using Linus Torvalds’ initial commit!

Apache Kafka® Resources:

Terminal Tip of the Week:

Today’s tip is a quick one. Instead of using the up arrow to tab through your Linux history to find that one extra-complicated command you ran recently, you can run:

history -5

Then your last -5 (or however many you want) commands will show up on the screen! Here’s an example from my computer:

 5461  sudo powermetrics --samplers smc |\ngrep -i "CPU die temperature"\n
 5462  powermetrics -h
 5463  history -10
 5464  history -5
 5465  history -1

Links From Around the Web:

In Other News:

By the way…

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