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A live gaming demo, the Amazon S3 connector, & a producer quickstart

July 13, 2023

This week, we’ve got an online live demo coming up showing how to use Kafka to support gaming features like user bug exploits. We’ve also got a new step-by-step Amazon S3 connector YouTube video, as well as a summary of the CLI tools available with a Kafka download. In our terminal tips section today, you’ll follow a quickstart to learn how to produce events to Kafka. Enjoy!

Apache Kafka® Resources:

  • Watch and learn about how to set up the Amazon S3 Connector on YouTube! Dan Weston shares a short tutorial for configuring the S3 sink connector in Confluent Cloud.
  • There’s a new resource from the Confluent docs team summarizing the CLI tools available with an Apache Kafka download.
  • The Confluent docs team has been hard at work! They’ve also rolled out a new glossary of Confluent terms recently, which will be helpful in navigating the ecosystem.
  • Event design, event streaming, event-driven design: what role does the “event” have in each of these approaches to using Kafka? Lucia Cerchie published a new blog post that distills the terms.

Apache Flink® Resources:

  • Learn how to write Flink jobs using the spring dependency injection framework in this Medium article by Krzysztof Chmielewski. It’s got lots of illustrative snippets to inspire you if you’re working on the same type of project.
  • Use cases are always helpful for learning why you’d implement a piece of technology. Here are some examples from the official Apache Flink website.
  • Flink supports both batch and streaming—which means the runtime does as well. Learn more in this training video from David Anderson.

Terminal Tip of the Week:

Today we’ll learn how to produce events to a topic using an Apache Kafka quickstart with confluent-local. (Make sure you have docker running first with docker info). The first two steps are to install confluent-local and start the Kafka broker:

> brew install confluentinc/tap/cli
> confluent local kafka start

Then, start the producer and enter some messages which will be your events (ctrl+C to send them):

> confluent local kafka topic produce quickstart
this is the first event
this is the second event

To learn how to consume these messages in your terminal, continue the tutorial on Confluent Developer.

Links From Around the Web:

In Other News:

  • Online on LinkedIn, July 19th: A live demo of how to use Kafka to enable gaming features like user travel speed and keeping gaming chats healthy.
  • Going to be in Tel Aviv on July 6? Register for a meetup with some heavy hitters in data: Confluent, AWS, and MongoDB.

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