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Welcome to the Confluent Community Catalyst program!

A Confluent Community Catalyst is a person who invests relentlessly in the Confluent and/or Apache Kafka® or Apache Flink® communities. They make it a habit of contributing knowledge, enthusiasm, support, encouragement, mentoring and sometimes even code to one of the most innovative communities on earth. The Catalysts are some of the most elite contributors who are willing to multiply and empower the developer community and share the goodness of event streaming platforms with others.



Direct interaction with Confluent developers as well as the Confluent founders at special events

Free pass for Kafka Summit and Current!

Access to the private MVP Slack channel

Free certification

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Become a Confluent Community Catalyst:



You must know things. You should have a proven record showing mastery of Confluent Platform and/or Apache Kafka® or Apache Flink®, whether it is production deployments, educational material, or conference talks.

Sharing or Contributing

Sharing: As a leader in the community, you spend your time sharing your knowledge and experience with other people. You are eager to help others get up to speed by writing blog posts, speaking at Meetups and conferences, conducting webinars, answering questions on Stack Overflow, Twitter, and the Confluent Community Slack workspace.

Contributing: You contribute to projects central to the life of the Community. You have answer questions on dev mailing lists, you have commit rights on one or more projects, and you submit PRs when you have a useful feature or bug fix to offer.

Nominations are now open for the class of 2024-25! Submit your nominations by July 16, 2024.

Nomination Process

If you know anyone who fits the above description, please nominate that person! You'll be submitting their email address, so be sure to ask first. And yes, of course you can nominate yourself.

We are thrilled to see young people involved in the Community, but for legal reasons we can't accept your nomination yet. But keep after it! Tech is a great life to live.

Requirements to become a Confluent Community Catalyst:


Nominees must show a past record of sharing and/or contributing to the community, with at least 3 provable examples from the past year in the links below.

Sharing: Nominees must have at least 3 proven forms of wide sharing over the past calendar year. These can be: relevant meetups, conferences, webinars, writing relevant blogs, articles, whitepapers, supporting the community on the Confluent Community Slack and forum throughout the past calendar year, and interaction on Twitter including more than 40 total likes on Kafka-related tweets within the past calendar year.

Contributing: Nominees must have code commits merged into master in the past calendar year, must have answered questions on relevant developer mailing lists, commit rights on one or more projects, and have submitted PRs when they have a useful feature or bug fix to offer.

Please choose 3 links to add below to prove the activity noted above. (Bear in mind that we can be flexible if you don't meet all the requirements, but there must be a valid reason for us to make an exception.)

Class of 2023 - 2024

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